About Us

Förtroenderådet i Ryd (FR Ryd), led by a committee of Linköping University students, is dedicated to enhancing the living conditions in Ryd. As an active student organization, we take the initiative to address community issues and oversee development projects to benefit our members.

We currently provide four key services for Ryd residents:

  1. Lending Services: Visit our office on the top floor of the Alsättersgatan 7B building to access our lending service. You can find detailed information about our inventory and opening hours on the website under the Lending Services section. Currently, our office is closed for reconstruction.
  2. Bike Workshop: If you need assistance with bike repairs, our bike workshop is available. Located at the backdoor of Rydsvägen 254, in the basement, we provide free help and tools. However, please note that materials such as tubes and tires are chargeable. More information about our opening hours can be found in the Biking Workshop section.
  3. Project Proposals: We encourage you to share your ideas for improving student accommodations. Our housing issues committee is open to proposals, and we value your suggestions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the board with your ideas or fill out the Housing Form in the Housing Issues section of the website.
  4. Exciting Activities: To foster a pleasant social environment and engage students, we organize a range of activities for all Ryd residents. These events can include social gatherings and educational experiences. Stay updated by following our Facebook and Instagram accounts, or checking the Events section of our website.

We are committed to constantly improving Ryd’s living environment, and your participation and feedback are vital to our success. Join us in creating a thriving community that meets the needs and interests of all members.

Thank you for being a part of FR Ryd, and we look forward to serving you and organizing memorable events!