Bike Workshop

What we do:

  • The Bike Repair Workshop is a place where you as a student on Linköping University can: borrow tools, buy spare parts and get advice on how to fix your bike. If you have already bought new parts, then you are more than welcome to borrow tools and mount the parts on your bike.

So feel free to pay us a visit if you are having troubles with your bike, most things are easily fixed.

What we do not do:

  • We do not break any locks and we do not lend out tools that will be used for breaking locks. No exceptions.
  • We do not allow more than 2 bikes in each room (we have 3 rooms in total). When the shop is full, you have to wait until someone comes out with a bike before you can bring yours inside.
  • We do not lend out tools outside the shop.
    • We know that it’s frustrating to wait outside when you just need to borrow a small tool for a few seconds. However, stealing has occurred, so we decided to have the same rule for all customers
  • We do not cover injuries in the workshop.

The members of the shop are not employees who get paid. We are just students who like fixing bikes. Therefore, we encourage all visitors to respect our rules, prices and opening hours.

If a visitor don’t know anything about fixing bikes, we’ll be very glad to help that person, but we are not there to fix bikes for free. Instead, we’re there to help and give advice so that you can fix your bike. And this we do for free.

Opening hours:

  • Sundays from 6 pm to 9 pm.
  • With exceptions for holidays and exam periods.

You can find us at:

  • Rydsvägen 254 (in the basement, entrance through the backdoor of the building)

Contact us!